Doggie door and doggie porch installation

Doggie door made to order and installed in your house to allow your pet freely roam in and out of your house.
The door is good for cats and dogs. They can walk outside and back at any time saving your time and that prevents them from suffering, especially when they need to go to toilet.
The door has two flexible plastic layers so it closes well by itself and keeps the house properly insulated, keeps the cold or hot air entering or escaping the house.
It is easy to train your cat or dog using the door.
Just keep it fully open for a while and then , when the animals are used to it, gradually lower the plastic door.
The door can be locked from inside with a hard plastic insertable door, which is very convenient.
The price for materials and labor is around $799 and negotiable.
Email or call 585 2040507 with questions and to schedule a free estimation visit.

Installing a doggie door means freedom for you and your pets. Relieve yourself and you pet from unneeded stress. Pets should be able to go to toilet and to roam in the back yard when they want to. They are so much happier this way!


Since the house floor level is typically higher than ground, steps are needed for a dog to go up and down. For the winter, it is a nice idea to keep the snow away from the doggie porch, so a little roof comes handy. A typical installation includes a little dog-size porch with a roof and steps.

Close up view from inside the house. The doggie door can be installed in any wall of the house. You can see here that the flexible plastic silicone doors close the opening very well. They are held down by a magnet strip that prevents them from flapping by the wind. This specific doggie door has already been used extensively by a dog and a cat and still works like new.


If you want a pet to stay inside or outside (say when you have a guest dog and the back yard is very muddy), you can conveniently close the opening with an additional hard plastic insert. Don’t forget to remove it when you pet is outside.

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